About Me

I'd like to say that I have this amazing relationship with God. That I am the perfect Godly wife and mother. That I'm an amazing example of Christ to every single person that comes along my path. I'd like to say that I had some amazing revelation as a young adult (which I still am) that made me leave my 'old rebellious self' and become a Christian.

But the truth is, I'm not any of that.

I'm an average girl in an average world, but I am loved by a King...I am loved by the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. I'm not perfect, and I am shown more grace and mercy than I deserve by the Savior of the world.

I have an amazing husband of over a decade, and we have been blessed with a child who is full of life (and will hopefully be blessed with more, one day). Between them and our farm animals, they keep me on my toes most of my days. We live in a quaint fixer upper house in the middle of no where. It's quiet here, just the way I like it. I can think more clearly between the little boy giggles and the muffled barks of a lazy lab dreaming in the middle of the kitchen floor. If you have a dog, you completely understand.

I grew up as a Christian, for as long as I can remember. I was the good kid. I was scared to death to do anything wrong, and I pretty much obeyed every rule of the household. I had a pretty great childhood. My parents certainly had their difficulties in their marriage and in their finances. It did wear on my sister and I, but we made it through and learned to enjoy the simple things in life.

I had a love for music at a young age, and by the time I was 16 I was already helping lead a worship team with my dad and was even approached to cut my own album by a studio owner. But it wasn't what God had planned for my life, and I was certain of that. After I graduated high school, my entire life went downhill, but it also had a major blessing. God works all things for His good, and I could not have seen His hand more in my life than I did at this time. During one of my most awful trials and moments, God blessed me with my husband. As a new "now I'm not a child" 18 year old, I rebelled...silently. I think that is the worst kind of rebellion -- putting on the "everything is ok" and "I'm still a perfect child" face, while in reality, you're completely not the person you use to be. Or are you? It's a confusing time. I made mistakes, big ones. Got myself into horrible situations. And learned what people meant when they would look at someone and say, "she's so naive...she's going to get hurt". And I did...

When the storm passed, I was completely broken. The worst part is that I didn't even know how to put myself back together, because I didn't even know who or what I was or how the process of life went. I had been told my entire life that I had a calling on my life, that I was a beautiful daughter of God, that I was amazing and mature....but sometimes you don't want to believe that. You don't understand the grace that really is there for you.

God picked me up, dusted me off, and called me "His" once again. Jesus -- and only He could -- rebuilt me from the bottom up. And then He said, "here's this man who you'll call your husband...take care of him". Here I was, 18 years old with a new perspective on Christ and my relationship with Him, and then He throws a husband in the mix. This is crazy...

For more on my personal journey of finding my husband, click here.

As a new married couple, we had a lot to learn. We were still trying to figure out who we were, none-the-less what our Godly roles were in a marriage. We butted heads, a lot. We fought, we loved, we had a child, bought a house, and went through our own struggles. But over the past 7 years God has revealed so much to both of us, and we are constantly learning new things through His grace.

And that's where my journey began all over again. I say "began" because I feel as though I am a new creature. I'm different than I use to be. I'm growing, I'm changing, and I love God and my husband more now than I ever have. It just keeps getting better.

I created this blog in order to share my own personal experiences and things that I've learned in my own marriage and quiet time with God. Because you see, I am a wife and mother, and I am in desperate need of my Savior every single day. Marriage is so much fun, but it certainly does take work to make a good marriage! Thankfully, God has laid out His plan for marriage in the Bible, and if we follow it, we'll be blown away by all of the things He has in store for our marriages!

I created this blog to help women and men have a better understanding as to what, exactly, a Godly biblical marriage is really all about. Through sharing learning experiences, advice, scriptures, prayers and more; I pray that this blog will be a helping and learning tool for every married person (engaged and single people too!). Whether you're struggling in your marriage or loving your marriage -- we are always learning and always changing, but God always remains the same.

I am not a professional counselor or Bible scholar. I don't have much to offer, but I can offer you biblical principals and advice through the things that I, myself, have studied to try and better understand and grow my own Christian marriage.

I encourage you to study the word of God on your own time after reading each post. What may be evident to me in one way may be evident to you in another. None of us should simply read and listen and believe. We must go to the word of God ourselves and grow our personal relationship with our beautiful Creator!

You'll only find grace and comfort here; no condemnation or unrighteous judgement. Feel free to join in on the conversations that we have, and if at any time you have a question or comment that you'd like to share privately, you are more than welcome to email me or message me on facebook.