Sometimes You're a Junk Tree, Sometimes You're a Mighty Oak

Whenever we drive down a back road (and there are lots of those here), I always comment about how beautiful the wooded area's are. And it never fails -- my husband's response is, most of the time, "oh, those are just junk tree's...nothing pretty about them". I'd always let it go though, because I felt like I should automatically know what junk tree's are since I'm married to a lawn care and property maintenance specialist!

A few weeks ago, the same comment was made, and I finally mustered up the courage to ask the question, what are junk trees?

It's one of those moments that are so simple, yet so astounding. My mind was literally "blown".

Apparently, a junk tree is just that, "junk". It's a tree that really has no purpose or benefit to us. It's like the weed of the tree family. It's a nuisance, it's not pretty, it makes it hard to walk through forests, and sometimes they can be poisonous.

"But they must have a purpose..", I said.

My husband shrugged, and replied, "why must they have a purpose?"

"Because everything God created has a purpose, so what's their purpose?"

He stopped and smiled, "only you...".

As we drove on, he preceded to tell me that even though junk tree's can be a nuisance, they are vital to a forest. You see, junk tree's grow quickly, like a weed, and shelter the larger, firm foundation tree's. Junk tree's protect larger tree's (Oak's, Chestnut, Cedar, etc) from harsh weather and sunlight. They give them fertile ground in which to grow and help their roots dig deep into the ground. And when the time comes for that little sapling to become a mighty oak, the junk tree takes a back seat, moves aside and goes onto the next sapling that needs nurtured. In most cases, many saplings at one time.

It's funny, because that's how life is. No matter who you are or why you were created,

you were created for greatness.

Even though, to the human eye, those junk tree's are a nuisance to us...they have no purpose in our lives -- they have great purpose in God's creation.

They have a hard job to do, which they are never once rewarded for. But they never say, "I give up".

In the end, they take a step back and admire all of their hard work as they watch the tree that they nurtured soar high above them and cast them to the side beneath their shadows.


They move on to the next job...knowing that they will be rained on, snowed on, and pushed to their limits once again. That they will give all that they have and yet never once be awarded by the one that they've nurtured after it's all said and done.

They're just junk tree's...

But even a junk tree has an amazing calling. A purpose for everything under the sun...

Sometimes we're junk tree's, and sometimes we're mighty oak's.

But no matter which one you are,


And your purpose far exceeds what your human mind can fathom.

Never forget that.

And if nothing else, at least you'll think of God's creation in a slightly different light the next time you see a junk tree...

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