My Dearest Husband | I need you more than you know

This past week has been very busy for me with work and extracurricular activities. And to top it all off, my husband has been fighting a sinus infection since last Saturday. Whenever someone in the house is sick, it sets everything out of whack. We all have to slow down a little to tend to the sickling, and rightfully so. It's simple things, such as serving him while he lays in his recliner, making and serving him meals, covering him up with a blanket when he falls asleep in the living room, and so many other little things that make our spouses feel comfortable when they are sick. 

He's feeling much better now, but still exhausted. Being sick, any kind of sickness, can take a lot out of your body, especially since he still worked through it all (and this isn't an office job, he's out in the cold air and differing weather conditions all day moving dirt, concrete blocks, doing electrical work, etc). My husband is amazing, and I love him more than he'll ever know. He is such an amazing leader in our household and he knows what needs to be done, even during the roughest times.

I myself have been feeling a little "down" since my other half has been sick. I didn't really pay any attention to my emotions until yesterday afternoon. I couldn't pin point why I felt the way I felt. I just felt "blah". It started to annoy me, because there's always a reason for my emotions, and when I can't pin point it, it just annoys the heck out of me! I started quietly praying about it -- you know, being a mom I don't get too many quiet times, so I must have been doing the dishes or taking a shower ;). Later that evening God showed me why I was feeling the way I was. It was in the simple touch of my husband as he brushed against my side that evening. It's like it brought me back to life. I missed him. I missed being close to him. Since he's been sick, we haven't been near each other, and avoiding each other in many ways since I don't want anything to spread (especially with a son who has asthma) But, here I was this entire time thinking that my crazy busy week had been pulling energy and life out of me, when in all reality, I was feeling the way I did because I missed my husbands touch. 

And it wasn't just his touch....

It was his jokes, his smile. It was the way he could build me up in less than 3 minutes when I've had a bad day. It was his arms wrapped around me when he gets home from work -- his gentle kisses. It was the way he knew how to talk to me, even about stupid things. His comments, remarks and quirkiness. His strength, his leadership and his direction in our family.

If we're being honest here, I felt a little lost without him

It's not that he wasn't here, it's just that he just wasn't 'here'. He wasn't feeling well, sore throat, stuffy nose. So naturally, he didn't speak much (in fact he's lost his voice) -- he just wasn't his 'norm'. And my not wanting to get sick also didn't help. Most of my week had been focused on serving him, taking care of our little one, and focusing on work late at night/early morning. We've been "out of touch" this week, and it has taken its toll on me, personally.

Sometimes, I think we lose sight of how much we really do need each other, how much we really do
 need our spouses to be there for us (when they are feeling well). And it shows how important we are (and should strive to be) to our spouses, that we should be there with them and for them, no matter what.  To serve them, to strengthen them, to uplift them, and to love matter what state they are in, no matter where their relationship with God is, and no matter where we are in our relationship with them. 

I can only hope that I am half as much to my husband as he is to me -- I want to serve him more, help him more, love him more than I already do. I want to make him feel the way he makes me feel. And even if he didn't make me feel that way, I'd still want to do it, because I need him more than I thought, and I need him more than he'll ever know.

So I challenge you -- whether you're a wife or a husband -- to strive to be a better servant. Not a doormat, not a slave, a servant. To be your spouses helper, their constant, their lovers. 

Husbands, I challenge you to be that leader, the leader of the home, the strength that your wife and children need....put your cares aside and tend to your flock. I challenge you to 'man-up' and love your wife, even if you think she doesn't deserve it -- to show unconditional love in her needs and interests.

Wives, I challenge you to allow your husbands to lead in your home, to be the director in your family. Don't be a dictator, and on the other hand, don't be helpless. I challenge you to be there for him when he needs to 'get away'....even if that means being silent for an hour. I challenge you to serve him, even if it's just making his dinner plate for in the evenings. And to be his help mate.

...and don't forget to loosen up and have fun :)

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