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I'm amazed how uplifted my spirit has been over the past 2 days since I've disciplined myself to read the good word, aka my Bible. My prayer life is easy, because I love praying and I make it a practice to pray every evening with my little one....which kind of sets me in the mood to pray on my own as well after he goes to bed. But my daily intake of the word has always been a struggle for me.

What are some things that you do to help keep yourself accountable with reading your Bible?

I find myself making excuses such as "well, I had too much work to do today and I was too tired" or "I would've had to stay up until midnight just to have time to squeeze it in". And my favorite, "Jr didn't take a nap I didn't have any 'alone time'."

However, a good friend of mine reminded me yesterday that those are simply excuses. And she is exactly right.

So here are some things that I'm trying to do to help make reading the word more enjoyable and easy for me -- and to help me keep myself accountable.

First of all, my husband is doing the "90 Day Challenge" -- reading the bible in 90 days, cover to cover. And he is amazing at it, let me tell you. He is so disciplined to read every day, even if it means locking himself in the bedroom for an hour.

Me, on the other hand, my ADD kicks in and I'm just all over the place. Especially having a toddler running around the house.

So here are some things that I find are helping me, and/or will help me in the future. These things may or may not help you -- it's something that you yourself will need to pray about and seek God's face on. And, in all honesty, it will just be common sense and preference!

  1. Read a devotional: Depending on your beliefs and lifestyle, it will really depend on what interests you. Maybe you want a marriage devotional, a women's devotional (or men's devotional for the guys). Maybe you want a devotional on daily life or how to be a better spouse. I will say that I am really enjoying John MacArthur's devotional Moments of Truth. You can check it out here. It touches on a little bit of everything, everyday life. Marriage, relationships, parenting, repentance, the church...everything.
  2. Have an accountability partner: Be it your spouse, a close friend or family member. Asking them to text you or send you a facebook message during the day as a reminder to dive into the word can be helpful -- especially with your busy schedule. Sometime we just simply forget to take time to read.
  3. Choose a book of the bible and stick to it: I chose Proverbs first. Instead of jumping all over the place everyday, choose one book of the bible and stick to it until you've read that particular book in its entirety. You spend less time being distracted trying to figure out what to read.
  4. Get up early: Some of you may already wake up early to go to work or to get housework done before the kids wake up. Either way, try to get up 30 mins earlier and take 15-20 mins to spend in the word (or an hour, if you want to splurge). Beginning the day with the word of God can be so uplifting. Even if you don't fully understand it, you can feel it seeping into your soul.
  5. Stay up late: It is easier for me to stay up late than it is to get up early. This may be your case as well. Staying up an extra 30 mins to an hour after everyone else goes to sleep can allow you that quiet time with the Lord. And think about it, you were just going to waste those 30 mins anyway by kicking your spouse multiple times so that they'll stop snoring before you fall asleep. I will say that I don't retain as much when I read at night -- I learn more and feel more like I take more in first thing in the morning.
  6. Take a challenge: Example, the 90 day challenge mentioned above. You'll need to keep yourself accountable or find a buddy. It can be challenging!! Hence, the reason it is called the "90 Day Challenge". There are also 30 day challenges, and 365 day challenges.
  7. Find an online Bible Study: Good Morning Girls will be starting an online Bible study of Colossians on September 17th. So there's still time to register and download the information that you need.  I will be taking part in this particular 8 week study as well!  Click here for more info.
These are just a few suggestions to get you going. Please comment below or on our facebook page with other suggestions that work for you! Everyone is different and learns differently -- the more suggestions the merrier!

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