POLL: Spa Day

I recently had a soon to be married couple ask me a question about a 'Spa Day' that they'll be having on their honeymoon. While they are both looking forward to it, they had a genuine concern and question.
The soon-to-be husband is uncomfortable with a male masseuse massaging his soon-to-be wife.  However, the soon-to-be husband also thinks it's weird for a male to massage him. He feels more comfortable with them both having female masseuses (they will be in a couples room at the same time). BUT, the wife feels uncomfortable having a female massage her soon-to-be husband.

So the question is:
Do they both respect their spouse and have a female massage the wife and a male massage the husband?
Do they both use female masseuses?
Should it matter?
Should they just cancel the spa day altogether?

Please leave your opinion and comments below or on our facebook page!!
We are looking forward to hear other spouses (or soon to be spouses) opinions!


  1. Respect one another with a masseuse from the same sex, it may or may not be a sin, if the masseuse is only doing there job, but out of respect I would have another female do my massage.

  2. I would respect my spouses or soon to be spouse's opinion and do what they wish. If my husband said he didn't want me to get a message from a man (which I could totally see him saying by the way) then I wouldn't. I think part of marriage is honoring the other person's opinion in matters like that.

    1. This definitely seems to be the agreement. I, too, believe that if it is an issue with a spouse, that the other spouse should always respect their spouses wishes and concerns. It isn't ok for one spouse to say "you can't do this", but then turn around and do the same exact thing themselves.