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Raising Our Boys to Be Men

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In society, I'm a brand new mom. I'm only (almost) 7 years old in motherhood. But I would like to think that my soul is an ancient one full of wisdom and knowledge. I cannot look at a woman who has been a mother for 25 years and tell her I know more than her. I don't. But I cannot doubt that there are women in this world who can go through the motions and never actually learn. While there are other women who go through the motions and crave more knowledge. I'd like to think I'm the later.

And so, my journey of motherhood didn't begin when I became a mother, in fact,it began when I became a young woman who was interested in men. And even more so, when I married my husband.

Raising Our Girls to Be Leaders

My Dad didn't get saved until I was about 5 or so years old. If you remember your beginning walk as a Christian, you know that it takes a long time before you find that groove that you feel comfortable in. Because he was growing and learning each and everyday, I vividly remember him scratching up his Bible, and a year later, that Bible falling apart because it had been read so much. 

My Dad is a researcher...a doer...a leader. Of course, he didn't always do things the right way, and he still makes mistakes like everyone else. But as a teenager, I can remember thinking, one day I want to marry a man just as devoted to Christ as my dad.

Unfortunately, girls can be so focused on finding the perfect guy, that they forget they must be trained to be the "perfect" girl. But what does that look like? Honestly, in today's society, raising a girl scares the heck out of me for multiple reasons. And I don't even have a girl! Between men thinking they can boss women around (yes, even my generation!), to girls being all out extreme feminists....I think we need to take a step back for a second and put everything into perspective here.

Being Cautious of Opposite Gender Acquaintances

Sometimes in marriage, we become too trusting of other's. Wives, especially, think that no one could find them attractive other than their husband, and husbands are oblivious when other women are flirting. But when we add social media or text messaging into the mix, we create a dangerous concoction of emotions and blindly walk into situations that could be avoided.

Unfortunately, in today's society, you can never be too careful, but there's also such a thing as being overly cautious -- to the point of being obnoxious. But a little bit of caution goes a long way, and we should, rightfully, be on guard at all times.

Dear Wife Who's Struggling With Her Body Image....

I so get you.

For the past 8 years I have struggled with the way I feel about myself. The saddest part is that 8 years ago, I was 60 lbs lighter than I am now.

When I had my son, I actually weighed less than I do now. I attribute it completely to severe morning sickness, because I actually lost 20 lbs in my first trimester. I was back into my pre-pregnancy jeans 2 weeks postpartum...

....and I was happy.

But I found that my happiness came more from little baby coo's and giggles. And that I soon gained all of my weight back. And that made me a not so happy wife.

Dear Wife who's struggling with her body image,

I get it.

Sometimes You're a Junk Tree, Sometimes You're a Mighty Oak

Whenever we drive down a back road (and there are lots of those here), I always comment about how beautiful the wooded area's are. And it never fails -- my husband's response is, most of the time, "oh, those are just junk tree's...nothing pretty about them". I'd always let it go though, because I felt like I should automatically know what junk tree's are since I'm married to a lawn care and property maintenance specialist!

A few weeks ago, the same comment was made, and I finally mustered up the courage to ask the question, what are junk trees?

It's one of those moments that are so simple, yet so astounding. My mind was literally "blown".

Apparently, a junk tree is just that, "junk". It's a tree that really has no purpose or benefit to us. It's like the weed of the tree family. It's a nuisance, it's not pretty, it makes it hard to walk through forests, and sometimes they can be poisonous.

The Truth About Combined Facebook Accounts {Pros and Cons}

This week my husband and I combined our facebook accounts. He's been asking me for over a year, "why don't we just get one facebook account? We get on each others pages all the time anyway". And he was extremely right. We both get on each others facebook accounts all of the time simply because we're nosy. But, the people we're nosy about aren't people we necessarily want to be friends with.

When he first mentioned combining accounts, I actually put a status on my facebook account asking what others thought about combined facebook accounts. The reaction I received was far from pleasant. Many of the responses were "oh, that annoys me, how much more insecure could you get?!" Or, "how inappropriate -- so you mean if I want to be your friend I have to be your husbands friend too?" Um, how offensive! There were, of course, the very few who thought it was an amazing idea and it encouraged them to combine facebook accounts.

What is a Godly Marriage? | Christ is Your Foundation + Prioritizing Relationships

Today we are continuing with our series titled, What is a Godly Marriage? If you missed any of the other blogs in this series, click here to catch up!  Today's post is about making (and keeping) Christ as your foundation in your marriage and we'll also touch on prioritizing relationships in your marriage and household. This series was originally a 7 part series, however, I have decided to combine the remaining two posts as they do slightly go hand in hand. Enjoy! [Amy]

I had it all wrong when I said those words..."I do".  Many times we get them wrong. We say "I do" because we know our future spouse is going to say it as well. We say it because we know that if they take care of us, then we'll take care of them. We say it for our spouses, rather than vowing this commitment to ourselves. But what happens when the wedding is over? What happens to those vows, those promises? I bet you can't even remember what your vows said the day you got married. And if you can, you're a better person than I am. However, there was one particular thing that stood out to me in our marriage vows....the one and only thing I remember.

We made a promise, a vow, to one another to never stray from Christ, and that Christ would always be our foundation and refuge, even if we were crumbling in our marriage or as individuals.

When I think back on that day, I think of all the emotions that were running around in my heart and head. And while I couldn't guarantee that our marriage would be fun and easy, nor could I even guarantee that I could fully uphold my end of the bargain, I knew...without a shadow of a doubt, that I could and would always put my trust and hope in the Lord. That I would never stop seeking His face.